Embedded FPGA and AI

Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)



A standard FPGA is a standalone chip that can be used in various systems as a separate component, offering the benefits of programmability and flexibility across a wide range of applications. It's a versatile tool for designers and engineers, allowing them to test and implement different configurations and functionalities as needed.

Embedded Field Programmable Gate Arrays (eFPGAs)



An eFPGA, on the other hand, is integrated into a System on Chip (SoC), ASIC, or another processor chip. This integration embeds the flexible, programmable logic of an FPGA directly into a larger semiconductor device, combining the customizability and adaptability of FPGAs with the efficiency and compact form factor of SoCs. eFPGAs enable the customization of chip functionality post-manufacture without the need to develop a completely new chip, providing a cost-effective solution for applications requiring specific, often changeable, logic operations.